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Kurt Vonnegut Fiction Prize

The Vonnegut Prize is an annual fiction competition sponsored by North American Review. This award is intended to recognize the finest speculative fiction, which can include, but is not limited to, work influenced by the postmodern science-fiction of Kurt Vonnegut; however, avoid mere imitation. We love Vonnegut’s dark humor but are also enthusiastic about unreal events that take themselves seriously. We welcome all work painted with speculative fiction’s broad brush: fairytale, magical realism, fabulism, the fantastic, horror, Afro-futurism, science fiction hard and soft, and everything in between. The winning entry will be appear in the North American Review's annual summer fiction issue, and all finalists will considered for publication.

University of Northern Iowa students are not eligible to submit.

Contest Information

Open for submission: May 1, 2019. 
First Prize: $500
Deadline: November 1st, 2019 Results will be announced in December.
Judge:  Andy Duncan

All winners and finalists will be published in the Summer 2020 Issue. All entry fees include copy of the Vonnegut issue.